LiquidCMO has been proven effective in treating pain resulting from Fibromyalgia. Learn more about how LiquidCMO can help give you your life back.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis

LiquidCMO works to relieve pain caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, Learn more about the condition and how LiquidCMO can help you live a more pain-free life.
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Welcome to LiquidCMOtm

We are pleased to announce the opening of AZ Fibromyalgia & Arthritis Pain Relief Center, the ONLY treatment facility of its kind. Founded to provide individualized pain relief protocols and treatment plans that are proven to relieve the pain and suffering of those with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, the center is the flagship and first of many that will be opened across the country.
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LiquidCMO Beats Fibromyalgia Today!


The major findings of the recent LiquidCMO vs Fibromyalgia Clinical Study were overall dramatic improvements for the Study participants in the following catagories:

  • Physicical Function
  • Role Phicical
  • Body Pain
  • General Health
  • Vitality
  • Social Functioning
  • Role Emotional
  • Mental Health (Fibro Fog)

Several clients also reported improvements in visual acuity (eye site) and reduced or normalized blood pressure.

Overall improvements in every area of health that was measured were profound and unexpected. Several subjects reported increased visual acuity and reduced blood pressure. After subjective and statistical analysis of the study data were analyzed, all eighteen subjects showed marked improvements in all eight measures calculated by SF-36® General Health Questionnaire.
The decrease in pain perception and improvements in cognition (ability to think) physical and social functioning and overall vitality may be due to LiquidCMO’s effects on the anti-inflammatory pathways, serotonin nor epinephrine thyroid hormone levels (formation or regulation of), or cellular membrane fluidity in signal transmission cellular waste removal.

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Overall, all Fibromyalgia subjects benefitted in every category measured, with oral administration of LiquidCMO, as seen in figure 1 and table 1. Significant treatment effects are indicated across all SF-36® categories with Role-Physical, Body Pain, Vitality, and Social Functioning showing the greatest improvement. (Figure 1) Since the study subjects are being treated for pain associated with fibromyalgia, Role-Physical, Body Pain, and Vitality would support the response. Social Functioning and the other categories were definitely improved as well.

In the graph below, eight categories of human health are measured using the SF-36 Health Questionnaire. The green bars indicate the average health of all individuals in the study, in each of the categories, before the administration of the LiquidCMO. The blue bars of the graph indicate the after treatment measurements, and average improvement of all 18 of those in the study in each of the eight measured categories of human health. As can be seen, there was dramatic and improvement!

Statistical analysis using the paired-t test was used for each of the 8 categories and overall composite category (Table 1). Results indicate a significant difference between the pre-treatment and post-treatment data within each SF-36® category (P < .0001). Therefore, a significant treatment effect is substantiated with very little probability of error as indicated by the extremely small “P” value. Read More