Why is LiquidCMO The Best?

LiquidCMO is an exclusive blend of Cetyl Myristoleate Fatty Acid Esters, MSM, and L-Glutamine. Most other CMO products are in pill or capsule form. Pills and capsules are powders created by essentially heating and drying liquids. Heat destroys most if not all of the beneficial properties of any CMO product. Think about cooking with wine, the alcohol content of the wine is diminished in the cooking process. The same thing happens when CMO is made into powder. The beneficiary components of CMO are diminished or completely destroyed, leaving little to no actual CMO in the pills or capsules.

LiquidCMO is made with 100% certified Cetyl Myristoleate. This daily serving amount of 2250 mg has a 40% concentration of Cetyl myristoleate fatty acid ester complex. This is the most powerful formula that CMO can be concentrated in, unless it is turned into an injectable.

The ingredients in LiquidCMO’s powerful proprietary formula are up to 10 times more concentrated and powerful than any other CMO brand on the market today!

Other brands of CMO only claim to deliver up to 385 mg of CMO per serving and may require up to six doses per day. One daily tablespoon dose of LiquidCMO delivers 2250 mg of CMO fatty acid ester complex, making LiquidCMO the most cost effective, the most concentrated, the most absorbable CMO formula; and the easiest to take.

Note about like CMO products on the market today

The following quote is taken from an article written by Dr. Chuck Cochran for the publication Total Health Magazine, Volume 22, Number 2. Through his extensive and exhaustive research on CMO products in the marketplace today, Dr. Cochran has found that there is a wide variation in the purity of the CMO products. Many of them call themselves CMO, and do not actually have any CMO in them at all.

“There are many different Cetyl Myristoleate and related products available today. There are several which have, either through ignorance or unethical marketing, contributed to extensive confusion in the nutritional and healthcare industry. There are several issues that I’d like to address in this regard. First, Cetyl myristoleate (CM) is not CMOTM. CMOTM is a trademarked product that is being sold as cerasomal cis-9 Cetyl Myristoleate, an analog of Cetyl Myristoleate. The term cerasomal (waxy body?) is not in your chemistry texts and was constructed by the manufacturer to set his product apart. The term analog is defined as a similarly structured molecule. In other words, CMOTM contains a similar molecule, but is not Cetyl Myristoleate. Chemical analysis performed on several occasions, using Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and Flame Ionization Detection has revealed very little, if any, Cetyl Myristoleate in this product. Unfortunately, the manufacturer, as of today, has not disclosed exactly what this product is.”

Unlike the brand mentioned above, LiquidCMO uses 100% certified Cetyl Myristoleate, not an analog. Our product is rigorously tested using Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and Flame Ionization Detection to ensure the concentration of CMO in our product is 40%, and we have full disclosure regarding what our product is. LiquidCMO is the real solution.


For years our manufacturing facility has been a leader in the nutritional supplement and derma industries, setting standards of excellence for quality, efficiency and service. Our scientific team possesses skills in research, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, medicine, cosmetics and skin care. Our unique perspective elucidates the complexities of formula design to address today’s most important and emergent healthcare needs. Every product LiquidCMO develops, formulates and markets has a person’s healthcare needs in mind. Our ingredients are USA sourced; offering the highest levels of quality, selection, potency and bio-availability available. Our products are formulated with specialized compounding and blending techniques using optimum ingredient synergy and targeted bio-availability. Our formulas are designed to be highly bio-available, rapidly absorbed, easily digested, safe, predictable and effective. Some features of our manufacturing are as follows:

  • Research and Development using a team of experienced scientists
  • Raw material quarantine for testing and validation, both in house and using an outside independent FDA registered lab
  • Process mapping on all approved projects
  • FDA Registered
  • Precision manufacturing in a cGMP Certified facility
  • NSF Certified
  • Third Party Audited and Certified
  • Quantitative, Qualitative and Gravimetric Analytical Services
  • Full Spectrum Microbial Testing
  • Anti-Microbial Effectiveness Testing
  • Accelerated Stability Testing
  • Preservative Challenge Testing
  • Regulatory assistance with international compliance
  • Climate and humidity controlled facility with an advanced dust and ambient air quality system. Deionized micro (0.2micron filter) filtered water system with UV light bacteriostatic exposure and quality monitoring and validation.
  • Isolated, segmented and sealed clean room manufacturing areas, minimizing contamination
  • Full suite of modern analytical instrumentation located in our analytical and microbial testing laboratory, implementing cutting edge technology
  • Our raw materials are assayed to validate potency, purity, ingredient authentication, identification, safety and integrity
  • Our unique Vendor Qualification Program audits, verifies and rates our suppliers
  • Quality assurance standards are set above those required by government regulators to ensure the highest levels of quality, service, selection, potency and purity
  • Rigorous batch testing delivers final products which are validated and fingerprinted (FTIR) to ensure lot-to-lot conformity with our high standards
  • Lab testing options include HPLC, FTIR, UV Spectophotomer (for heavy metals), Microscopy, Titration and more
  • Global ingredient sourcing offers us a portfolio of unique ingredients many of which are supported by patents and trademarks
  • Our products are produced under exact specifications with each batch undergoing complete physical and analytical testing
  • Our state of the art precision manufacturing facility uses advanced process engineering