New to the public market, Liquid CMO is already helping people to realize relief from pain with increased mobility in as little as three weeks.

My name is Vicki S.

I have been ill for as long as I can remember with various viral illnesses and pain. I broke my ankle in 1984 and have had pain ever since. I received my “official” fibromyalgia diagnosis in 1998 at the age of 26. At the time I was an Administration Assistant, Level II at Boeing Commercial Airline Corp., with a promotion pending.

I had to quit working at Boeing after taking a leave of absence to try to recover. Doctors were unfamiliar or unwilling to treat fibromyalgia at the time. Everything we tried just seemed to make it worse. The pain was so severe that I could not get out of bed in the morning. It disrupted my home and family life as I could no longer care for my three sons.

I had a period of remission when I worked temporary jobs and took part time work. Then I went through Vocational Rehabilitation. I noticed that sitting for any extended length of time caused pain. That put office work out of the realm of possibility for me. Through my work with Voc. Rehab (1999) I was able to get a job with the department of corrections. I loved my new job. I was in a serious car accident in December of 2001. I struggled to continue working until August of 2002. In 2002 my diagnosis was changed to polymyalgia. I ended up on disability and have been on disability ever since. My son’s teacher asked my son why I was not attending parent/teacher conferences at this time. His response was “My mommy is at home dying on the couch.”

In the summer of 2003 I fell down some stairs. This seemed to be the theme of my life for awhile. At the time I did not have insurance. The doctors would not even x-ray me. I spent a month on the couch recovering. By June of 2005 I was given a walker. I was on the walker for over a year. I had to use a medical bath chair to shower and had a quad cane in my car at all times. I had a personal assistant and/or a companion pet because I fell frequently due to weakness. The “fibro fog” made it difficult to remember appointments. I was afraid to be alone.

I cannot begin to tell you how many doctors I have been to. I have been on more than 60 different Toxic medications and had numerous tests done. It took me two years to get off of all of the medications. I have been told that the pain and all of the other symptoms of the Fibromyalgia were “ALL in my head”. I had a wonderful case worker assist me in my recovery from all the medication toxins. I have had four surgeries I did not need.

What does all this have to do with CMO? I moved back to Phoenix and discovered this amazing product, called liquid CMO.

I thought that it tasted awful at first and I did not want to take it, but I did because I thought that it “just might work”

I had a pretty bad healing crisis that lasted for about 7 days. On days one to three after starting the Liquid CMO, I had a terrible migraine headache. These headaches at times for two weeks and in the past I have ended up in the emergency room taking morphine for the pain. In this case thought, this particular migraine lasted for about three days, and then it was gone. On day three, I was able to get off the couch, but I was suffering from a horrible bout of bursitis in my right hip. My friend and I went shopping for Christmas, but my hip locked up. My friend nearly had to carry me out of the store and back to my couch. The next thing that happened was that I got the infections. In the past, I might get sick in October and I would stay sick and on antibiotics until January. The normal course of these infections is as follows. It starts with a sinus infection that then moves into my chest, and then into my urinary tract; these infections would often put me in the hospital emergency room. It us like my whole body tries to shut down on me!

In this case, while taking the Liquid CMO, the sinus infection lasted for only one day. It was like a miracle that it only lasted for one day, and then it was gone!! The infection then moved into my chest for one day, and then it was gone. After that I got a urinary tract infection that lasted for a day and a half. Usual time for the urinary tract infection would be two and a half weeks.

The Fibromyalgia pain and the normal fever that goes with the Fibromyalgia lasted for and through the first three days along with the migraine headache. After these first three days, the Fibromyalgia pain was gone!!!

By day seven on the Liquid CMO, I was able to get off the couch, and I was out Christmas shopping all day. I was amazed, and have been amazed ever since.

Today as of the writing of this testimonial I have been on the Liquid CMO for 48 days. I am not taking ANY pain medications. I am taking my thyroid pill, and Topomax and Prilosec (because all the medications that the doctors gave me tore up my stomach). Since the 7th day I have had a return to an almost normal life. I am able to participate in the lives of my sons, my neighbors and my friends, and my church. Once again I am able to clean my home, cook food for my family, and I can even carry a laundry basket!!!!!! I even stood through church services today. This is a Miracle!!! Thank you God, and thank you to the guys at Liquid CMO.

Hello, my name is Stephanie M. 3/24/09

I am writing today to tell all of you out there who have Fibromyalgia, or Polymyalgia Rheumatica, like I do, that I have finally found a solution—and it is called Liquid CMO!!!

But I am starting at the finish, instead of at the start. So I will start at the beginning.

First of all, I was diagnosed with this awful condition at the end of 2005. Since then, I have gone through awful pain and suffering for the past four years. The pain has been unbelievable—those of you who have this condition understand.

I have been seeing doctors for this awful illness, and nothing that they could prescribe for me made much of a difference. I must have gone to the doctor 50 times, and he did not have a solution except pain medication, and prednisone. So I was sick, and I was getting poisoned!!! The doctors do not know what causes these conditions, and the medical community has NO CURE!!! They only say that you have an autoimmune disorder.

At the end of this, and before I was introduced to Liquid CMO, I was in so much pain that I had to have help to get my clothes on and off. This was not a good thing!

I was introduced to Liquid Cmo by a friend. The people at Liquid CMO told me that I would probably go through a healing crisis when I first started to take the Liquid CMO, because my body would start to clean out the toxins. Just like they told me, I went through this for three days.

After that first three days, I have gotten better every day!!!! By the sixth day on the Liquid CMO, I could put my clothes on, and take them off also. In addition to that, my pain was greatly reduced also.

By the Tenth day—the day that I am writing this, it seems like I am 90 percent better, and my pain is 90% gone. That is to say that I am 90% pain free!!!! What a relief!!!

Today I got out my treadmill and dusted it off. I actually feel like doing some physical activity—which I used to love to do, but I had to quit—it was just too painful.

Autoimmune illnesses run in my family, so today, I purchased the Liquid CMO for my mother who has Degenerative Joint Tissue Disorder, and also for my sister who had early childhood polio, and now has arthritis. I can do this without fear, because the Liquid CMO is without side effects, is non toxic to the body, and if it does not work, they give me a money back guarantee.

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS LIQUID CMO!!!!! With a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose??

THIS HAS BEEN A TRUE MIRACLE FOR ME!!! And I hope it will be for you also

Sincerely Yours,

Stephanie M.
You may contact Stephanie by email at xoxoislandgirl@yahoo.com she loves to help others!!!!!

From: Sister Mary D.
Flagstaff Arizona

To: Maker of the LiquidCMO

I am writing the testimonial to tell you the results of the LiquidCMO product that you developed, and to tell you what it has done for me.

First, I will tell you something about me, my husband, and my responsibilities. I am also doing this so that other who read this letter will know that we are real people, just like them, with real life issues, and the real need to stay healthy and mobile. My Husbands name is Brother Jim D., and he is the pastor of our church, and we have both been serving the Lord for 60 years-we are both in our seventies. I take care of many of the activities that keep the church running, and my duties are too numerous to give them here in this letter. In addition to this, we are raising our oldest daughter’s 17 year old daughter. We had to adopt her because of her personal issues, and she could not raise this lovely child-so she gave her to us, and we have raised her since she was 9 years old-so for the past 8 years, we have had the wonderful opportunity to raise another child.

I was diagnosed with having arthritis of the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. Over the past several years, the condition just kept getting worse and worse. The doctor (God bless him) has only been able to give me pain killers-which I don’t take, and anti-inflammatory medications (which I do take). Both he and I know that this is not a cure, just a stop gap measure, and that there is no cure for arthritis at this time. To have this condition with all of my responsibilities and while raising a daughter is frightening!! My husband told me the other day, that he thought soon, that I would not be able to walk at all, and that he was afraid for me-we both cried. We have been married happily for the past 50+ years!!

At the time you suggested this product to me, I had lost 80 percent of my overall mobility. I could not walk without great pain to the mailbox, which is about 100 feet from our front door. I could not ride my bike at all!! I started taking the product the day that I got it from you-that was on a Sunday, after church. I continued to take it every day, and I followed the directions exactly. By the third day, I was feeling much better, and I was having an increase in mobility. By the Friday of that same week, I rode my three wheel bike with Jim for about a mile, and I did not have any pain afterward. I have continued to improve over the past several weeks, and now, after my third bottle (over the past month and a half), it is like I never had the arthritis at all-this is so exciting!!! I have another lease on life, and I thank the good Lord that he sent you and this Liquid CMO product to me. I think that you have saved my life-and I thank you so much.

I wanted to add, that Sister Sue who was in so much pain that all she could do was cry, started taking the Liquid CMO also, and over the past month, she has had the same results that I got. Apparently this product works with all kinds of arthritis. Sister Sue has had a complete reduction in pain, and an almost complete return of mobility, and she says thank you also. We both are now telling anyone who we come in contact with that we have found a great solution to arthritis, so that they cam take it too. Another amazing thing that both Sister Sue and I have discussed is that this product is completely natural, and has only beneficial side effects. One of these side effects is that my high blood pressure has gone down so much that the doctor is considering taking me off of the high blood pressure medication.

The other day my blood pressure was 94/44-which was too low, so he cut my medication for high blood pressure in half. I will let you know more about this as time progresses, and I would be willing to tell anyone you wish for me to speak to that this is the greatest God given product I have ever taken.

I really hope that you will be able to get this product out to the American public in a big way, so that others can have the healing that Sue and I have experienced. God Bless, and I will be praying for you-as always.

God Bless you for helping me, and best wishes, Sister Mary D.

Stephanie P., Phoenix, AZ, 02/15/09

Suffering from Fibromyalgia is nothing short of frustrating. It took years to admit I was unwell and several more years before I was diagnosed with this debilitating condition. Doctors told me the best I could hope for is the ability to manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Years of pain medication and lifestyle changes have not been able to manage my Fibromyalgia pain.

Liquid CMO has so greatly reduced my pain and increased my mobility in the last 8 weeks that I have started to reclaim my life. Liquid CMO allows me to work a full day, or enjoy gardening, or play with my grandson. I no longer feel despair or frustration. With Liquid CMO I feel free.

From: James F. Hanlon
To: Liquid CMO
Date 8/1/08

Dear Liquid CMO

My name is James Hanlon, and I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I moved here from Massachusetts in 2003. At that time, I had arthritis in my upper shoulders, my neck, and my right hip. I was in a lot of pain from my hip, and I could not move my neck from side to side, or back and forth. I had lost that kind of movement. I was taking Ibuprofen, and the VA Medical Center her in Las Vegas gave me Trixaicin Cream. They did not help very much with the pain, and they did almost nothing to increase my ability to move I had a friend introduce me to a great product called Liquid CMO I purchased several bottles, and I have been using it daily for over a month. Today, I can stoop, bend, squat, and get back up, without distress and pain. I can also move my head from side to side, and back and forth with no pain. These are things that I could not do before I was taking the Liquid CMO. This product works and does everything they said it would do and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely Yours,
James F. Hanlon

“This Liquid CMO product I’m recommending really works;

I swear by it, I know it works!”
David N., Phoenix, AZ, 02/18/09

I have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an auto-immune disease, since the age of 30. I am now 48 years old. I have experienced episodes of blindness, paralysis, numbness, and the sporadic inability to multi-task from the MS.

While being treated in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer in 2006, I was infected with MRSA MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a flesh eating bacteria resistant to antibiotics that is most often deadly. Over the next two years, the MRSA returned four times, eating my left shoulder and hip joint and requiring surgery on both ankles. Hospitalized for 144 days, doctors finally got the MRSA into remission with radiation. I spent 14 months in a wheelchair, 8 months using a walker and 6 months with a cane.

In July of 2008 I moved back to Phoenix and, while having an MS episode, a friend introduced me to Liquid CMO. Within the first three days of taking the product, the MS episode ended. From past experiences with MS episodes, they typically last from ten days to seven weeks. Using the Liquid CMO, my down time was greatly reduced (to three days). I was very pleased and surprised.

Before I started taking the Liquid CMO, both my hip and shoulder would click when I moved them; I could only raise my left arm to a level approximately two feet off my left side, and my hip replacement would pop in and out of joint—they had no cartilage in them. I could only walk with a walker. Within three weeks of starting to take the Liquid CMO, I could raise my left arm over my head, and the shoulder joint no longer clicked when I rotated it! I was amazed! My hip still clicked and popped in and out of joint, but it was less inflamed, and less painful.

I quit taking the Liquid CMO after two bottles and, over the course of the next three months, I lost half of the mobility that I had acquired from taking the Liquid CMO. I am now taking the Liquid CMO again. I had one short MS episode since I started taking it again, but that only lasted for part of one afternoon.

Liquid CMO really works. I swear by it! I know it works! I have also seen the Liquid CMO work for other people I know with the conditions of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia. Their chronic pain, stiffness, and swollen joints have decreased or vanished after taking Liquid CMO.

You may contact Dave to ask questions at Davidnordstrom@yahoo.com.


I was feeling so good that I “forgot” about the pain!

My last cortisone shots were right before Christmas of 2011, right before leaving for Arizona for the holidays. I scheduled surgery on that day for my right thumb in January of 2012 and then the left hand would be as soon as possible after the two month recuperation period, and even then there were no guarantees that the pain would completely go away. The Dr. also cautioned that there might be some movement loss as well, but the pain relief would out way that. . . (. At that point I would have done anything to relieve the pain.

I had been taking cortisone shots for over 2 yrs., as well as a daily anti-inflammatory drug, and occasional pain pills. I was taking every “joint pain relief” natural supplement on the market, and was finally at the threshold of “surrender to the knife”, because I felt I had exhausted all of my resources, and at this point realized I was truly handicapped by not being able to use my hands for even the smallest of daily tasks, which I once took for granted. . .

Monday Feb. 27, 2012

Day One: Liquid CMO:

I began taking liquid CMO on February 27, 2012 after a weekend of “de-toxing” and “flushing” out my system. I was in a lot of pain with my hands because it was time to get another round of shots or re-schedule the surgery. A tiny ray of hope had been found.

So I have decided to take note of all of the simple, small and big things that cause me pain each and every moment of the day. Holding any type of utensil or glass or toothbrush. Trying to write or holding pen. Typing on the computer Opening a water bottle or pill bottle or any kind of bottle! Twisting the small rod in order to open or close the blinds. Making a bed, shampooing. Setting any amount of weight at all on the palms are thumbs of my hands. Opening the door knob. Putting the keys into the ignition. Driving. Basically allowing my hands to go through the air hurts. It can be anywhere from deep throbbing pain to sharp shooting pains that feel like Little elves with hammers banging on my bones!

Within 14 days I started to notice a slight improvement, and at one month I wrote the following:

Finally! Today is March 28, 2012 it has been almost one month since I’ve been on liquid CMO. I have to say that I believe I have made some progress. The sharp, shooting, agonizing pains are less frequent. I’ve never been at this level of pain without the cortisone shots before.. so that makes it hard to judge. . . I believe what is happening is that I start to feel a bit of relief and then I do work which creates more pain and I suffer for it by paying for it later.

At about two and one half months of taking CMO every night I had continued improvement, but the pain was a direct result of my activity level. How soon one forgets the pain of the past! I asked myself,” so will I always have to “baby” my hands and not ever go back to the work I used to be capable of for the rest of my life? Was it not enough to be out of pain????” Days later, after increasing my dosage to 2T a night, I realized that I was going 24 hrs at a time without taking any pain medicine! One day turned into two and I finally had consecutive days without pain!!!! I was feeling so good that I “forgot” about the pain!

Now, almost 4 months later I am virtually pain free! The little things like opening the blinds in the morning that require a ‘twisting’ motion are starting to ‘just happen’ without remembering the debilitating pain that used to accompany my every movement. Each day I am becoming stronger and stronger! I have not had any cortisone shots since December 2011, and have cancelled any potential surgeries. Liquid CMO has remarkable healing properties that I had only hoped existed. I am so thankful for this product that is giving me back my life!

Nan Iancu, Suwanee,  Ga