LiquidCMO Suggested Use

LiquidCMO is an exclusive emulsified proprietary blend of Cetyl Myristoleate, Cetylated fatty acid Esters, MSM, and L-Glutamine. When CMO was originally discovered by Dr. Harry Diehl, it was in the form of a liquid. Liquids are universally known in the medical community to be the most powerful, most bio-available formula that we, as humans, can ingest. We at LiquidCMO have returned CMO to this original liquid formula and then we have made important additions to the original CMO compound that has made it even better. Our proprietary blend of LiquidCMO is the only liquid form of CMO on the market today!! Because our formula of CMO is a liquid, it is not necessary to take digestive enzymes in addition to the LiquidCMO, for the body to readily absorb our exclusive liquid formula. While other brands of CMO may need to be taken two to four times a day, it is only necessary to take one tablespoon of LiquidCMO daily. The absorption rate of our exclusive liquid form of CMO may be increased by eliminating, or limiting the following items from your diet within three hours before or after taking LiquidCMO:

  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Aspirin
  • Soda Pop (contains corn syrup)
  • Fruit Juice(s), most store bought juices contain large amounts of corn syrup.

Large amounts of Fats (Lipids) should be avoided:

  • Butter
  • Margarine (should NEVER be eaten in any circumstance- it destroys the immune system- starving rats will NOT eat margarine!)
  • Oils should be used in moderation, as the liver is only able to process a limited amount of fats in a 24 hour period.

When to Take LiquidCMO:

We have found that the most effective time for taking the LiquidCMO is at meal time. In addition, LiquidCMO may customers prefer to consume LiquidCMO at room temperature.

Drink Water; Important:

Drink plenty of water; at least half a gallon, which is approximately 8 glasses of water a day, if possible. Your body will need this to flush toxins. This will reduce the length and severity of the healing crises.

Suggested Length of Use:

Suggested length of use of LiquidCMO is one month of use per year that you have had an autoimmune illness. For example, if you have had Fibromyalgia for three years, we suggest your LiquidCMO therapy includes six bottles (two per month) of full-strength LiquidCMO. Maintenance doses can then be added as needed, and many of our clients find that after three months when the most severe symptoms have been alleviated, they can go to a maintenance dose, to maintain their renewed quality of life.

Please note: DO NOT wash the LiquidCMO down with juice of ANY KIND, as this inhibits the body’s ability to absorb the LiquidCMO.

What happens if I eat foods on the do not eat list?

If you happen to eat foods that are on the do not eat list, then you are in the majority of those who have taken the LiquidCMO! Our clients have reported that they have violated every single do not eat food(s) protocol, and the LiquidCMO still works. However, LiquidCMO works best when taken as suggested, and if the “do not eat list” is adhered to.

If you have additional questions?

If you have more questions about how to take LiquidCMO, or if you would like further discussion as to the safety and efficacy of LiquidCMO, then please feel free to contact us by email at, or by phone, at (602) 451-1197. Office hours are 9 to 5 Mountain Time; or contact us at Arizona Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Pain Centers where we deal exclusively with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.