Fibromyalgia Testimonials

Vicki S. Phoenix, AZ  

My name is Vicki S., Phoenix, AZ.

I have been ill for as long as I can remember with various viral illnesses and pain. I broke my ankle in 1984 and have had pain ever since. I received my “official” Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 1998 at the age of 26. At the time I was an Administration Assistant, Level II at Boeing Commercial Airline Corp., with a promotion pending.

I have been to the doctors for the Fibromyalgia over 100 times in the past 11 years. I have been on more than 60 different Toxic medications and had numerous tests done. I have had four surgeries I did not need. I have been told that the pain and all of the other symptoms of the Fibromyalgia were “ALL in my head”.

What does all this have to do with LiquidCMO? I moved back to Phoenix and discovered this amazing product, called LiquidCMO.

Today as of the writing of this testimonial I have been on the LiquidCMO for 48 days. I am not taking ANY pain medications. Since the 7th day I have had a return to an almost normal life. I am able to participate in the lives of my sons, my neighbors and my friends, and my church. Once again I am able to clean my home, cook food for my family, and I can even carry a laundry basket!!!!!! I even stood through church services today. This is a Miracle!!! Thank you God, and thank you to the guys at LiquidCMO.

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Renee Thibodeau, Phoenix, AZ

The first 6 full days, there was pain, I am not going to lie, the pain was horrible. The pain jumped from one muscle to another. My feet and legs just ached and hurt all the way to my neck. My head hurt, my muscles in my back were spasm-ing and each spasm would jump from one muscle to another. It seemed like it would just move from one bad place to another and after it moved the pain seemed to linger.

On the 7th day, I got up to answer the door, thought to myself that since I was up I should try and just separate some laundry and before I knew what was going on, I had not only separated the laundry, I had done 3 loads and even put them away. I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Went to put something away in the bathroom, and thought, well since I am already up and in here, I should color my hair and did just that. A friend of mine called to see how I was doing and after talking for a while I heard myself laughing and being funny, I would like to say’ witty.) I said to my friend “Hey, did you hear us, we are pretty darn funny!!” She laughed and agreed that it had been a very long time since we had laughed like that together.

I was back at work on April 16th, 2010 and everyone saw the difference. I wore heels and I walked straight and with purpose. Each day I am on LiquidCMO, I find at days end, I did something else I hadn’t done in almost 18 years, felt something I hadn’t felt either, joy. I have clear thoughts, I find humor in a lot of things that are still the same as they were prior to April 9th yet I never noticed. I was able to be waned off of my prescription medication, at my request, and have noticed how clear my mind is, how much better I see colors, hear sounds. 39 days on LiquidCMO and I feel like I am back almost 18 years in my physical and emotional health.

..I hope you give this a chance. I have a friend that always says, “Don’t give up, you may be quitting just one minute before the miracle happens”

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Stephanie P. Phoenix, AZ 

LiquidCMO has so greatly reduced my pain

Suffering from Fibromyalgia is nothing short of frustrating. It took years to admit I was not well and several more years before I was diagnosed with this debilitating condition. Doctors told me the best I could hope for is the ability to manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Years of pain medication and lifestyle changes have not been able to manage my Fibromyalgia pain.

LiquidCMO has so greatly reduced my pain and increased my mobility in the last 8 weeks that I have started to reclaim my life. LiquidCMO allows me to work a full day, or enjoy gardening, or play with my grandson. I no longer feel despair or frustration. With LiquidCMO I feel free.

Thank you guys at LiquidCMO

Stephanie P. Phoenix, AZ

Dawn P. Las Vegas
June 16, 2008

This is a MIRACLE for me! 

Dawn P. Las Vegas“How did I get here?  Why do I have nothing left to give to my work that I love?  In November, 2000 “they” (the doctors) said I had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and shortly thereafter with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. All of these are autoimmune diseases, and I was told that they can come in clusters!! I was horrified!!

Believe it or not, the worst of these autoimmune conditions was the fibromyalgia. Why? Because it was so unpredictable! The pain that travels from one side of the body to another, the fatigue, the inability to think (loss of cognitive function) also called fibro fog. While all of my conditions were life threatening, the Lupus and the RA were more long term, and more predicable, while the fibromyalgia was not predictable at all. In addition, the doctors all think your nuts, and the first thing they want to do is prescribe antidepressants of all different kinds. I told them “I’m not crazy, I’m I pain!!”

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Crystal B. Phoenix, AZ

After a few days, my pain started going away!

My name is Crystal B. and I have Fibromyalgia. I had a car accident in 1995 that left me with a chronic muscle pain disease. My car was hit in the driver’s side door. The doctors said the muscle was pulled from the bone. The seat belt was the only thing holding the bone structure in place. I have been to countless numbers of doctors. I have taken all the medicines the doctors gave me yet none have helped. I have learned to live with the pain of Fibromyalgia. Those of you who have pain of any kind know how bad it can be. Anyone who has this kind of pain knows you live with it everyday. You can step off a curb wrong, turn wrong, sit wrong and pay for it, for days. This just to go along with the everyday pain you already have.

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