Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does LiquidCMO cost $92 a bottle verses a less expensive CMO product?

Liquid formulas are much more difficult to create than pills or powders, and LiquidCMO has a higher concentration of the CMO fatty acid ester complex (2250 mg), than any other CMO formula on the market today (their highest is 385 mg). We suppose the reason why our competitors have not created a liquid formula with this high of a concentration, is because of the high cost in manufacturing a liquid product. Additionally, it takes three weeks to create LiquidCMO. It is not a formula that can be manufactured in a few hours. You get what you pay for, and in this case, the difference in quality between LiquidCMO and other brands is remarkable. Even at $92 a bottle, one dose of LiquidCMO is much less expensive than other brands if you look at the amount you’d have consume of their products to get the same amount of active ingredient.

2. Is LiquidCMO Safe?

LiquidCMO is a pure CMO product. Cetyl-Myristoleate is a naturally occurring fatty acid ester that was discovered in 1972 by Dr. Harry Diehl. CMO is a long chain fatty acid that is similar to fish oil in many respects, but LiquidCMO is an omega 5, which is much stronger than fish oil. Cetyl Myristoleate is a naturally occurring compound, and is not a drug, and therefore has never been known to have any adverse or other drug interactions. Testing in the laboratory with rats shows that even at extremely high doses, there were no adverse reactions. There are no known adverse side effects since Dr. Diehl’s discovery of CMO.

3. Does LiquidCMO need to be refrigerated?

LiquidCMO does not have to be refrigerated. It is safe to travel with LiquidCMO without concern of storage. LiquidCMO is best when consumed within one year. We recommend consuming LiquidCMO within 60 days of opening the product.
Please take the time to read the recent independent clinical study on LiquidCMO vs. Fibromyalgia. In this study as part of the controls, patients were told to continue to take their doctor prescribed medications for the entire month of the clinical study period, and not to change anything else, except the addition of Liquid CMO. Amazingly, the recovery rate in this study was still over 90%. Many of those in the study chose to continue to take the LiquidCMO and under the care of their physician they discontinued most or all of their other prescribed medications.

4. What conditions does LiquidCMO help?

There are clinical studies and many case studies done by competent licensed doctors that show that LiquidCMO is an effective treatment for the condition of Fibromyalgia, and also many of the over 100 forms of Arthritis. Additionally, many individuals with autoimmune illnesses have reported great benefit and an alleviation of most or all of their autoimmune symptoms once starting the LiquidCMO regimen. CMO is known to be an immunomodulator, so it should feasibly be effective for any autoimmune disorder. Additionally, we have a recent testimony from a man suffering with Multiple Sclerosis who reports less incidents and intensity of exacerbations of his MS after taking LiquidCMO. We have placed David’s testimonial on our site.

5. How does LiquidCMO work?

We at LiquidCMO Inc. are constantly researching the amazing beneficial qualities of our Exclusive and Original Liquid CMO Formula. As we discover more about this amazing product, we immediately send out the information to the doctors and the clients who are using this product worldwide. Sign up for our monthly news letter, and stay informed!!

CMO is an adaptagenic immunomodulator that is thought to work with the human body’s immune system, to regulate and correct autoimmune programs within the body’s memory T-cells. With autoimmune diseases, the body has mistakenly identified some of its own tissues and cells as foreign and has mounted an attack on them. LiquidCMO is believed to repair the body’s autoimmune system at a cellular level, and this correction appears to be permanent. That is why taking LiquidCMO is not a lifetime regiment such as taking most pharmaceuticals.

Although the mechanisms of action for LiquidCMO are not completely understood at this time, we can clinically observe LiquidCMO’s effect’s through client case studies.

LiquidCMO is thought to function in many different ways, but these four seem to be the most pronounced. Please understand that all of these improvements are the result of something happening in the body at a much deeper level. We at LiquidCMO are currently involved in studies to determine exactly what is happening, or to find “the mechanism of action”

  • First, LiquidCMO seems to act as a joint lubricant and is thought to possibly increase the synovial fluid in the joints. One of the first things than many clients report after starting the LiquidCMO, is that upon waking, their joints are not as stiff, and they seem to bend easier.
  • Second, LiquidCMO is thought functions as an anti-inflammatory. The swelling, the red inflammation, and the neuropathy of the hands, feet, and joints is noticeably decreased, in most cases by the third week of starting the LiquidCMO regimen. We now believe, and doctor case studies are showing that this anti-inflammatory response is body wide, and includes not only the joints and muscle tissues, but also the lungs, the mucus membranes, and possibly the cardio-vascular system as well.
  • Third, LiquidCMO is thought to function as an immunomodulator or immune system regulator as described above. Immunomodulator’s have the ability to either stimulate an immune system that is not correctly working, or the ability to regulate or calm down hyper-immune response. This is why LiquidCMO may be helpful in addressing the symptoms related to many autoimmune diseases. Many of our clients, who have associated autoimmune diseases in addition to Fibromyalgia, have reported a decrease or the complete remission of these other symptoms.
  • Fourth and finally, LiquidCMO is thought to function as an analgesic or pain killer, and has been helpful for many who suffer from Fibromyalgia and almost all forms of Arthritis. This is in large part due to the anti-inflammatory effect that has been cited above. It just makes common sense to laymen as well as medical professionals, that when there is a significant decrease in inflammation, then there will be an associated decrease in pain.

6. How long do I have to take LiquidCMO?

While people have reported outstanding results after taking their first bottle of LiquidCMO, we suggest using the product one month for every year you have been sick. For example, if you have been suffering from Arthritis for 10 years, we suggest using LiquidCMO for 10 months to experience full restorative benefits. It has been reported that when people stop LiquidCMO therapy too soon (because they are feeling better), their symptoms return. In addition, many of our clients tell us that they have gone to a maintenance dose after they have overcome their condition. The maintenance dose that is suggested is one bottle every other month.

7. Do I have to change my diet while taking LiquidCMO?

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of LiquidCMO, it is suggested you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and avoid caffeine, nicotine, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, and soda pop, and juices or any other drinks with large amounts of corn syrup. Large amounts of fats such as butter, margarine, and oils should also be avoided, as well as processed sugar, which has been found to be an immune suppressant. It should be noted that people who continued to smoke and drink coffee while taking LiquidCMO have still reported benefits from the product, so these dietary recommendations are strong suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of LiquidCMO therapy.

Please take heart. We realize that none of us are perfect and that most people will eat and drink things that are on the “do not ingest list within three hours”. We have carefully followed our clients, and they have reported that they have at times violated every do not eat protocol, and the LiquidCMO still had the intended effect. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, as the LiquidCMO works best when following the dietary guidelines, but it is good to know that the only thing you have to do perfectly every day is to take the correct amount of LiquidCMO!

8. Does LiquidCMO work for everyone?

We have been informed by the doctors that are using LiquidCMO with their clients, and also from client feedback, that approximately 90% of those who use and have used our Original LiquidCMO Formula have experienced successful results from taking the product. It has been found in some clinical studies that immuno-suppressants inhibit many of the other forms of CMO therapy from working successfully. However, many of our clients who have formerly been taking high doses of many Immuno-suppressants and Steroids have experienced full recovery from their chronic illness conditions. If LiquidCMO therapy is not working for you, we suggest you take measures to detoxify your liver and then try LiquidCMO again. The Herb Milk Thistle, taken at 300mg to 500mg per day in three divided doses, or one “time release” capsule per day, is known to detoxify the liver. We recommend Milk Thistle for at least one week before resuming LiquidCMO therapy. Also, please feel free to call us, or to email the staff doctors with your questions. We try to answer all calls and respond to all emails within 24 hrs.

9. Can I keep taking my prescription medication while taking LiquidCMO?

Do not stop taking any of your doctors prescribed medications without first consulting your health care practitioner.
Please take the time to read the recent independent study on LiquidCMO vs. Fibromyalgia. In this study as part of the controls, patients were told to continue to take their doctor prescribed medications for the entire month of the clinical study period. Amazingly, the recovery rate in this study was over 90%. Many of those in the study chose to continue to take the LiquidCMO and under the care of a physician they discontinued most or all of their other prescribed medications.
If you or your health care practitioner have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at LiquidCMO, or our staff doctors.

10. Why hasn’t my doctor heard of LiquidCMO?

While LiquidCMO is brand new to the marketplace, CMO was discovered over 50 years ago. It is a non-pharmaceutical product that cannot be patented, and most of the medical establishment is trained to think and prescribe pharmaceutically, not holistically or naturally. Additionally, it takes a lot of money to manufacture and market a product, and even more money to run clinical trials and obtain medical licensing. The pharmaceutical companies have the financial resources to manufacture and market their products, run clinical trials and obtain medical licenses. Most manufacturers of alternative health care products do not have such financial backing. We at LiquidCMO are in the process of planning full scale clinical trials on many of the illnesses that we have spoken about in this website.

We have shared the LiquidCMO Clinical Study and customer testimonies of LiquidCMO with many doctors; many of these doctors are now recommending and treating their patients with LiquidCMO, and are also offering LiquidCMO as a treatment option in their offices. If you are a medical practitioner and you would be interested in being a distributor of LiquidCMO, Please contact us. This is something we foresee in the future marketing of LiquidCMO, and we will be happy to share all information regarding LiquidCMO with any health care professional who is interested. We encourage you to have your doctor contact us with any questions or requests they may have.

11. Is LiquidCMO safe for children?

LiquidCMO has no known adverse side effects or medical contraindications; therefore, it should be safe for children. However, we recommend that you consult with your health care provider, before giving LiquidCMO to your children.