Discovery of CMO

CMO, short for Cetyl-myristoleate, was originally discovered by the chemist Dr. Harry Diehl in 1964, while he was working for the National Institute of Health in the Laboratory of Chemistry of the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolic, and Digestive Diseases. Dr. Diehl was investigating the fact that Swiss Albino mice do not get arthritis. CMO is a naturally occurring, medium chain fatty acid that can be found in living organisms, such as Swiss Albino mice, beef cattle, and even sperm whales. 

Dr. Diehl’s original formula was an injectable liquid. However, as all injectables are considered pharmaceuticals, and as Cetyl-myristoleate is a naturally occurring compound that cannot be patented, that exact compound and method of delivery are no longer available. 

After seven years of additional laboratory research, and four years of human trials, we have finally perfected the only liquid emulsion form of CMO in the world. LiquidCMO!

Many Powered and oil Cetyl-myristoleate products have since been created and marketed, but no Cetyl-myristoleate product on the market today has been as clinically tested and proven for concentration, purity, and effectiveness as LiquidCMO. 

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  • The medications and pharmaceuticals are working to some extent, but the side effects of the pharmaceuticals are so bad, that they are slowly poisoning your body systems, and killing you.
  • Due to the combination of the disease(s) and the side effects of the medications and pharmaceuticals, you have lost the most important thing that any of us ever have or want. Quality of Life!

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