Liquid CMO Affiliate Program 1

Web Presence Proposal For: New Affiliate Clients
The Cost of This Program is $ 2,500.00: With this Liquid CMO affiliate program you will earn 15% of the profit from the sales of any LiquidCMO Products and 5% of any services (like new client affiliate sites); Or, you can earn 100% of the profit made from specialty niche websites of your choice. You may also choose some components of this program for a reduced cost. For more information please contact our customer service specialists at (877) 245-9836

Please Note: These Liquid CMO Affiliate Website packages come with the 6 hours of Training DVD Discs that you receive as a part of your welcome packet. Many of our clients find that they are able to take over many or all of the tasks that we have outlined in this overview once they have studied and become familiar with social media and online campaign management. Other clients want a more turn key approach, and want us at Liquid CMO Inc. to do the work for them. Please take a look at our other affiliate packages to see what we can do for you. Whichever you choose, we at Liquid CMO Inc. are here to serve you, as our number 1 wish and goal is to help you to succeed!!!!

VERY EXITING NEWS: Soon we will be adding many new products to the Liquid CMO lineup. These include Liver Cleansers, Cholesterol Reducing Products, Immune System Immunomodulators, An Amazing Pain Cream, and a full lineup of Vitamins and Minerals!!!!

Stay Tuned!! This will give our Affiliate Marketers even more ways to make a great income, or to get these products at a reduced cost!!

Liquid CMO and Specialty Niche Affiliate Website(s)

Websites Overview of Affiliate Program 1

Based on our research and analysis of affiliate website programs, we have identified the following key needs and goals for your customized Affiliate campaign:

Goal 1: Dramatically increase traffic, rankings and leads for all websites through an intense on page and off page campaign that focuses on your targeted keywords and long tail phrases.

Goal 2: Overall brand and reputation focus to ensure a positive wall of information is available to searchers and those considering using your services.

Goal 3: Secure and manage key listings across the web on important directories and other top web 2.0 networks to build valuable ranking authority along a high citation rate that is crucial to the new Google algorithm.

Campaign Approach
We have developed a detailed proposal to help guide you through our marketing process for your affiliate website in the following areas:

  • Websites
  • Search
  • Content
  • Listings
  • Social Media
  • Reputation
  • Reporting
  • Advertising

Your New Affiliate Website Properties:

LiquidCMO Inc. works closely with our clients to implement key strategies on current and primary websites to ensure that they are optimized for search engines, and ready to properly convert traffic we create through our marketing efforts.


Primary Website:

Primary Blog:

New Web Properties:
A crucial part of any campaign we launch for our clients includes the development of new web properties to increase business, secure top rankings for targeted keywords, and drive web traffic to your primary website(s) or social networks.

We will be building and managing the following new website(s) for you:

(1) Keyword Driven Lead Capture Microsites

  • WordPress built customized website layout
  • Built to help drive new website visitors and targeted traffic to your business
  • Keyword driven & geo-targeted URLs assist with SEO rankings
  • Includes unique website content for targeted keywords and long tail phrases Optimized for ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Mobile friendly layout and design

We drive new traffic and incoming prospects through top search engine placements in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your business should have a strong presence in your online market with key local listings, business directories, and social media profiles.

Search Properties

These search engines make up for 95% of all traffic coming through search online today.

(3) Targeted Keyword Phrases

Based on your desired keyword phrases and our internal research, our team will determine which keywords are the most searched and most relevant to your business. The following keywords are examples of what the baseline and focus of your overall campaign would be:

  • Keyword Phrase 1: Fibromyalgia Treatments
  • Keyword Phrase 2: Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
  • Keyword Phrase 3: Arthritis Pain Relief

(10) Targeted Long Tail Keywords

Perhaps the largest change in consumer behavior on the internet in the last 3 years has been the overwhelming increase of detailed search phrases to find a business or service. For example: “Natural treatments for autoimmune disorders.”

In addition to optimizing your websites and microsites, we include your targeted long tail keyword phrases within dedicated blogs, articles and press releases. Our weekly created content utilizing these long tail phrases helps to drive relevant and targeted searchers to your business.

Example Long Tail Keywords:

  • Long Tail Keyword 1: Fibromyalgia pain relief centers
  • Long Tail Keyword 2: treatment for fibromyalgia pain
  • Long Tail Keyword 3: pain relief for fibromyalgia
  • Long Tail Keyword 4: what is fibromyalgia
  • Long Tail Keyword 5: how to help fibromyalgia pain

Search Optimized Content:

As part of your campaign with LiquidCMO Inc. affiliate sites, we are constantly creating new and unique content for your business that drives links and references back to your web properties.

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Photos, Video, Media

Links and References to your Website

Considered by most as the Holy Grail of search, link and citation popularity drives Google Page Rank and Yahoo’s algorithm. By combining a relentless approach to weekly link and citation acquisitions through web listings, social networks, and other quality sources, we will be able to effectively increase your website’s authority within Google and all major search engines. This activity level is key to determining which sites are climbing in popularity and ultimately which sites rank where in the search engines.

Content is imperative in generating not only a better user experience, but also to help assist in ranking your website for a particular set of keywords. Our content experts are experienced in writing content that fits not only your message, but also helps integrate targeted keywords into indexed webpages. Our team will work directly with you and your team on a positive content creation and management campaign that includes the creation, editing, and managing of new web content on a ongoing basis depending on the affiliate plan you choose, to increase your overall web presence.

Our process involves working directly with our clients to ensure our content is not only current and accurate, but also reflects the right voice for our clients. We strictly follow the content guidelines set by our clients to ensure the content we create and publish is exact to our client’s needs. We create many levels of positive online content that fit across multiple web 2.0 networks:

  • New Website Landing Pages – Keyword rich landing web pages that can be added to your websites for a range of purposes.
  • Press/News Releases – Web press releases to major syndicators that rank in Google and act as key citations for your websites.
  • Doc Sharing Files – Online documents hosted at popular doc sharing websites and indexed by search engines.
  • Seasonal/Offers – Specialized offers, promotions, or seasonal relevant content that can be used across your online channels.
  • Articles – Industry relevant articles that provide value to your customers and help new visitors reach you.
  • Blog Posts – Keyword rich and industry relevant blog posts to help establish an integral blog presence for your main URLs.
  • Social Media Content – Content created for a range of your potential social media outlets.

In addition to the major social networking sites, there are hundreds of high traffic websites dedicated to listing your business through profiles, directories, web social networks, free search tools and variety of other platforms. Depending on the Affiliate Program that you choose according to your needs and financial ability, we can implement some, or all of the items listed below.

Search Engines

It is crucial to have a presence on all major social networks for your business to be professional and for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to give your website authority as a participating member of the web community.

* 850+ million members
* 100 billion connections
* 2.7 billion likes per day

Facebook Management and Promotion:

  • Establish a strong Facebook page and active presence
  • Build friends and “Likes” through our network
  • Create organic friends through relevant industry groups/events
  • Market and promote your content, offers, and social chatter

We will post to your Facebook at least (5) times a week.

* 500+ million members
* 340+ million Tweets per day
* Usage of worldwide trending topics

Twitter Management and Prospect Engagement:

  • Build followers along with engaging in key industry accounts
  • Use Twitter to listen and engage in customers looking for your services
  • Tweet often and develop good, usable tweets from content and social chatter
  • Announce key offers and provide good interaction to build online reputation

We will post to your Twitter at least (5) times a week.

* 160+ million users
* Members in over 200 countries
* All Fortune 500 company executives represented

LinkedIn Management and Connector Blueprint

  • Build and manage a strong profile that can be found when searched
  • Build personal connections and participate in industry relevant group
  • Use LinkedIn to listen and engage with customers looking for your services

We will post to your LinkedIN at least (5) times a week.

*400+ million users
*20 million visitors per day
* Key for Google Ranking

Google + Management and Monitoring

  • Establish a basic Google+ page and presence
  • Connect all social networking friends to help build your Google network
  • Backlink from your valuable Google+ link to all of your web properties

We will post to your Google+ at least (5) times a week.

*2nd largest search engine after Google
*800+ million users
*4 billion page views per day Channel Development and Marketing

  • Business and viral video creation
  • Video promotion for views, likes, comments and links
  • Promote open dialogue through use of industry relevant videos & slide shows

We will manage and upload (1) slideshow videos a month.

Web 2.0 Websites like Instagram and Pinterest

LiquidCMO Inc. stays on top of all the latest trends and growing networks to make sure our clients have strong presences in these fast growing websites.

  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • StumbleUpon
  • Tagged
  • Reddit
  • FourSquare

Positive Content

Building your Wall of Positive Results

LiquidCMO Inc. works with our customers to build a “Positive Wall” of search results that populate the top pages of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing with relevant information about their brand and business.

Press Releases

An active press release campaign for your business will be implemented to push positive content and awareness about your brand from trusted 3rd party distribution networks. These trusted links help build your credibility with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Good Reviews

Positive Review Campaign

We work with our customers to create a system and process for acquiring and maintaining positive reviews about their business online.

(1) Positive Review Attempt per Month

Existing and New Review Monitoring

We work with our customers to manage existing reviews online, while actively monitoring incoming reviews to popular review sites such as Yelp, Kudzu, Google Places, CitySearch, etc. We provide social media strategies to help increase your positive review rate.

Engaging Social Chatter

We ensure that positive and constant social chatter is happening about your business online in all the major social networks by your key influencers and potential customers.

Building Phase (Est. 0-45 days)

Upon first launching your campaign, LiquidCMO Inc. will be building out all of your new web properties, including microsites, blogs, social networks, business directories, and any additional content related items. By creating all of your online web presences, we create a structured framework to marketing properly online.

Optimization Phase (Est. 30-60 days)

After all web properties have been created, the LiquidCMO Inc. SEO and content team will begin updating all website content and meta data to best match your desired targeted keywords and long tail phrases to help with your organic rankings.

Marketing Phase (0-90+ days)

Once all web properties are created and fully optimized, we will focus on promoting your website content and brand across all available and applicable media sources online. During this phase you will begin to see your web presence develop, as well as your desired targeted rankings begin to improve.

Custom Campaign Implementation $2,500
(Implementation cost covers all startup costs + first 3 months of maintenance)

Custom Campaign Monthly Management $1,000/mo.
(Monthly management cost begins at the start of month 4 and continues per month)

Please Note: The monthly management cost is at the sole discretion of the purchasing clients. After the first 3 months, and after watching the 6 hours of Training DVD Discs that you receive as a part of your welcome packet, many of our clients find that they are able to take over many or all of the tasks that we have outlined in this overview of Affiliate Program 1. We at Liquid CMO Inc. think this is great, as our number 1 wish and goal is to help you to succeed!!!!